Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I Migrated

Hey gang.

You must be surprised to find...  NOTHING here!
Ahhahah *evil laugh*

I've actually wanted to migrate to Tumblr for a long time.
Well, not necessarily Tumblr.
And I have had the Tumblr account for so long, maybe 2 years? I dunno.
But I didn't post anything there because I felt a sense of belonging to Blogger.
Sentimental much.

But the time hath come.

I know you must accuse me of trying to keep up with the trend,
but knowing me, I'd say I don't give a rat's ass about that pun.

I didn't mind that Blogger was already a dying platform because
I was only writing personal stuffs and my viewership/readership are
only friends kot? I think so. (WHO ARE YOU????)
Plus the sole objective of me having a personal blog was for my future kids to have some
honest memorial of me (this is the moment when you say 'Aww..'
Psyche! No lah. For my future self je pun.

But what I do mind is that they leave this Blogger corpse unattended,
the app is crappy, just about everything is undeveloped. So I had to say goodbye.

My previous contents, except some, were made private to me and my future-self only
to guffaw at or whatever hahah. So this is the end of my Blogger days I think.

I'm still keeping the name Randompulah because stuff I write are ever so random.
At least I'm not changing that because it projects the blunt honesty.
If you think that's lame or not hip, get out biatch hahah.

And hey, if you're still reading (FOR WHATEVER REASON), just go to
http://randompulah.tumblr.com/ Nothing's changed.

Yesterday that previous blog hits 60000 views.
That number is sufficient I reckon.